First Bras

I admit it. The TV shows I watch can be pretty embarrassing. No, not to me, but to my dad. He cannot understand why I watch The Real Housewives of Anywhere. I’ve brought shame to his household, but what can I say? I’m a Bravo junkie. I did stop watching the Orange County housewives because while they are the originals, I just can’t deal with any of them anymore. At least Jersey has valuable lessons like how to make awesome meatballs (you fry them, no baking – thanks Jacqueline), how bedazzling something/anything is always appropriate, and whether your bubbies (that’s Jersey for boobs) are real or fake you gotta flaunt those puppies all over town.
While I love their fondness for showing, adjusting and talking about their bubbies, I was disappointed to see a segment on one of their ten year old girls getting her first bra. This poor kid has had so many awful moments captured for our entertainment over the years. Her parents are not shielding her from anything, not protecting her innocence and not allowing her to experience this milestone of womanhood without cameras everywhere. Sadly, this excruciating moment will only be a drop in the bucket when she talks to her therapist or to the cameras when she does her E! special: Child Reality Stars, Where Are They Now?
I was forcing my husband to watch with me last night (he says he hates these (bleeping) shows) when I saw the horror in his eyes as this little girl was embarrassed in front of the nation. I could see his projection to when our daughters are going to ask for their first bras. It was as if “Boobs, Bras, Boys, oh shit!” flashed across his forehead displaying his future fears. I don’t know if he saw my frightened look as I thought “Boobs, Bras, Breast Cancer, oh shit!”. I couldn’t help but worry about whether or not my girls would be able to enjoy the exciting ritual of getting their first bras. I’m going to have to hide my anxiety from them so they have fun while I’m thinking about whether or not they’ll have the gene and if they’ll be able to keep their own boobs forever unlike their mommy. Thank God the scene ended and the usual drama of the ridiculous ensued to distract me from myself. I may not be able to protect my girls from the breast cancer gene, but I can support them with whatever decision they make regarding how to handle it. Thank goodness we have several years before we cross this bridge. Until then, I’m just going to have to protect them by not letting them watch this horribly entertaining programming.

One thought on “First Bras

  1. I'm so glad I know of at least one other successful, well-educated woman who is equally obsessed with Bravo. I'd say there's no shame in this kind of harmless guilty pleasure… but there kind of is.

    Been reading all of your entries, so proud of you! Great writing.

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