I cannot seem to get out of the house in a timely manner and this always irks me. I hate being late, but am perpetually so. I’ve been thinking about time management lately and in thinking about time, I’m reminded of college when I studied quantum mechanics as part of my physics major. There is a lot of heady stuff to discuss regarding the concept of time. Things any normal person never needs to think about. Lots of Einstein references and questions like “if you are carrying a ten foot pole while you run at the speed of light, will the pole contract enough to fit into an eight foot barn?” This proposition of thought could be the sole reason I switched my major from physics to engineering. I found way too much wrong with the question. When would this ever be a viable situation? Who can actually run at the speed of light? Why would anyone need to fit a ten foot pole into an eight foot barn?
I realized I prefer problem solving in real world scenarios using the application of physics. Engineering. Thinking about time as such an abstract concept never excited me and required way too much reading and theoretical debate. Thinking about time now makes me a little bit anxious.
It’s almost as if I have a countdown ticking away in my head. T – 4 months until surgery. The list of what I want to accomplish in that time keeps growing.
My mom suggested I reconsider the timing, having the surgery sooner rather than waiting until the fall because having it hang over my head is a bit stressful. However, the thought of not accomplishing all of my to-dos before the surgery is even more daunting. Is it better to just get it over with or get everything I need to do done granting me peace of mind before I go under? Can I fit 4 months of tasks into 1 month if I run really fast? I don’t think Einstein is going to help me with this one.

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