Channel 4 predicted today would be “almost perfect”. They were talking about the weather, but somehow they foretold the overall tone of our day. Not a cloud in the sky, warm enough to be playing outside, cool enough not to get overheated. My girls and I were in great moods. It’s like the “perfect storm” had passed.
If only all days could be like today. If only we didn’t have adversities to overcome or health concerns to address and we could all just have fun basking in a beautiful day all the time. My two year old had a great day at school, used the potty at home, put her sunscreen on (I bribed her with m&m’s, hooray for a new solution to that problem!), she was polite, she shared so well on the playground and actually listened to me too. To top it off, she ate her whole dinner and then went to sleep 20 minutes before usual. It was a banner day here. I’m almost moved to tears when I think about pushing her on the swings while the baby, strapped to me in her carrier, giggled at her sister. I hope everyone had a day as awesome as ours was. We all deserve a break in the clouds. A day to enjoy the blessings in our lives shining on us like rays of sunlight. Channel 4 was wrong about one thing: “almost”.

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