Sunscreen Scuffles

What a beautiful day!! This morning we went to the beach for a birthday party for my daughter’s best friend. It was warm, sunny, laid back. Kids and adults alike had a great time. We put sunscreen on the babes before we left. It is always a battle of epic proportion to slather the goo on the two year old. I usually do it very thoroughly because I never want her to burn as we are a very fair skinned people. My husband actually used to call me his albino princess. I’ve put SPF 15 on my face everyday since I was 15. I literally cannot get color on my face now, seriously, not ever. Well, my little girl isn’t so lucky and now has a red V shaped burn on her chest from where her polo shirt buttons were open. Even the baby who had a little sweater, light pants, a hat, and a face full of sunscreen still had rosy cheeks by noon. Ugh, it breaks my heart and drives the Mom guilt into full gear.
My two year old wasn’t even complaining that it hurt and by tomorrow it probably won’t even be that bad. However, knowing that I carry a higher risk of skin cancer because I’m BRCA + makes me worried that she does too. I have to remind myself that even if she screams and carries on, it is sooo important for her to have sunscreen all over her. We both have to suck it up and just do it. It’s going to be a long summer of sunscreen scuffles.

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