Monday and Mom Friends

Around here we always have a case of the Mondays.  It’s not that our weekends are jam packed with exhilarating events, but we’re all together and that’s always pretty awesome.  So Monday feels like we’re going through withdrawal.  When we were in our twenties, our withdrawal was alcohol based.  Now it can be summed up by the complete meltdown that the 2 year old had when Daddy left for work today.  It was a pitiful site.  If she could have truly expressed herself adequately (instead of just freaking out and crying for an hour), it would have gone something like, “Daddy!!  You’re leaving now?  How could you do this to me?  What the fuck!!!!!?!!!!”
So you can only imagine the rest of our day.  Tantrums at the library, the grocery store, and in the car all day.  I wanted to join her.  I felt like throwing a total fit too, but these damn societal expectations of public behavior exhibited by a 30 year old had me maintaining as much composure as possible.  Thank God my relief came at 4pm when my babysitter showed up to watch the little one while the big girl and I went to a neighborhood playdate. 
My unsolicited advice to any first time Mom (or pregnant woman in line behind me at the grocery store), find your Mom friends and find them fast.  I have always said that playdates are half for the little ones, half for the big ones.  Adult interaction is one of the keys to surviving parenthood.  Sure, the kids learn a lot from each other and have a lot of fun too.  But the Moms leave happier and more grounded nearly every time.  The support you get from other women (in any phase of life) can be some of the most powerful you’ll ever receive.  I hope that this blog can provide that to other women who are in my position.  Whether it’s the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of parenting, the woes and wonders of marriage or the anxiety and angst of a medical procedure; I’m so grateful to have these friends with whom I can share life’s twists and turns. The following is a love letter to my Mom friends:
What would I do without you? When I am at the brink of losing my shit, there you are. When I don’t know what to try next with any parental dilemma, there you are. When I’m all out of creative activities to do at home, there you are. How can I count the ways that you are there? To even make an attempt at describing them wouldn’t express my gratitude sufficiently. Compassion coupled with commiseration; loneliness knows not the Mom with Mom friends. Thanks for being… there.
“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”  ― C.S. Lewis   

2 thoughts on “Monday and Mom Friends

  1. This is a big piece of what I'm missing! Our family's living arrangement coupled with my strict adhearence to nap scheduels has kept me from building stronger friendships. Ive never known a lonely social life such as this. On the bright side, this particular post gives me hope because between loosing friends and loosing my exercise routine, it only makes sense that I'd be pretty low.
    So get well soon and let's be Mom friends:)

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