Daddy Cures All

The other day my older daughter was sick.  I thought at first she was trying to play me so that she didn’t have to get out of her jammies on a rainy day and go to school. But she loves school, so I knew something was wrong when she sadly told me she really didn’t want to go.  As the morning progressed and she started complaining about her ear, I decided to take her to the pediatrician.  Sure enough, she had a double ear infection and tonsils so big that they were touching each other. After her first strep test ever, the subsequent gag, and Mommy and Me shower of vomit, I’m so glad that I got her in there early enough to get her on medication right away. 
When we got home, before the first dose of meds could kick in and after both of us hosed off, her symptoms and mood got increasingly worse and she was in a state of utter misery.  Well, we both were.  I gave her some Tylenol, which didn’t kick in until 45 minutes later when I told her that Daddy was coming home early to see her.  I’m not sure if it was the Tylenol or the prospect of special daddy time that seemingly alleviated all of her symptoms and she started bouncing around like ‘who me?  sick?  I was just kidding.  I still get to play with Daddy, right?’  It reminded me of high school, when you were so sick that going to class was the last thing you thought you could possibly do but you just found out that so-and-so was having a kick ass party, so all of a sudden your flesh eating virus was just a little rash as long as you could go out that night.
Her miraculous recovery wasn’t shocking, because she is absolutely in love and in awe of her daddy.  It’s fun to see her reaction when he walks in the door.  The expression really shouldn’t be ‘like a kid in a candy store,’ but ‘like a little girl seeing her daddy walk in the door.’  It’s pure joy!  So when he went away for a bachelor party weekend, I was very worried about how she’d react.  To my disbelief and relief, she handled it quite well.  I prepared her a day ahead by telling her that Daddy had to go help Uncle Matt celebrate his wedding and get ready to be married.  So every time she asked where he was, I had a consistent line to give her and ask her to repeat back to me.  She accepted it and moved on.  It is amazing how resilient and accepting kids are. 
This weekend away gave me a good sense of how she will be when I’m in the hospital.  I stressed so much when my little one was born about how the older one would feel when I’m away from her for two nights and then bring home something that demands my attention.  Again, she handled it with a grace and maturity I didn’t know she had.  Of course, in both scenarios, we called in reinforcements: grandparents, friends, cousins as distractions.  I’m not as worried about the little one because she might not truly feel my absence and she’s naturally very easy-going, but I still plan on preparing both of them (see the BoobyMoon post).  I’m glad I got the chance to see how they’ve handled my husband being away.  I know now that they will do just fine while I’m in the hospital.  Now if only I could find the magic cure-all like Daddy is to my 2 year old.  Ice cream?  New clothes?  Diamonds? 

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