Dreams of Highbeams

I had my first dream the other night that I had no boobs. It was post surgery and I had a lot of scarring. The new boobs were pre-reconstruction and had these tiny almost flat, pencil eraser nipples. They still had sutures and were definitely looking raw. It was not a comforting image but I remember thinking, “well at least I won’t highbeam again”.
For those of you who don’t know what I’m referring to it’s when your nipples pop out as if the turkey’s done. Watch any episode of Friends and tell me when that studio was cold based on the state of Jennifer Aniston’s nipples. (hello, pervy YouTubers, welcome back). I don’t like it when that happens to me in public. I cannot think of any situation when I want that to happen again (outside of my home, where I don’t care what happens).
So now I’m wondering how I should request they be designed by the plastic surgeon. Do I just ask for a small raised area? Or totally flush? I have heard that they can be tattooed on. So do I opt for some funky design? Flowers? Lots of decisions to make re: nipples.
Other than for cosmetic reasons, they will no longer serve a purpose. They won’t have any sensation anymore and they won’t be used for breast feeding. So do I tell the surgeons not to worry about them? I know I should be looking at magazines to see what size and type of boobs I want but should I get a Playboy subscription so I can check out the nipples too? I’m laughing to myself as I picture my husband’s face as he picks up that mail unexpectedly. Confusion? Embarassment? Elation? Priceless! Ok Hef, here comes your newest subscriber.

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