Tips for Testing the TaTas

When I had my testing done, it was a beautiful Spring day; warm but with a little chill. On my way out the door, I grabbed a really soft wrap to throw over the light sweater I wore. I am so happy I brought it with me. The radiology area may as well have been the Arctic. It was awesome to have something cozy to wrap around me, keeping me snuggly over the hospital robes. Despite all odds, the wrap made the robes look chambray, almost like washed denim and dare-I-say a bit fashionable. And on that same note, while I’m sure it won’t elevate the overall look, bringing socks will keep your tootsies warm. They were the one thing I thought of the night before, but forgot to put in my bag. Oh – not the one thing, I also forgot food and a drink. Yeah, kind of essential to pack some snacks. Especially when a 2 hour appointment turns into a 5 hour appointment. Luckily they had free coffee and fruit there. Other things to know: no metal (ie. jewelry) in an MRI and no deodorant for a mammogram. They’d rather you look and smell like a hobo during the testing.
Even though I felt like I was in a fashion nightmare, wearing this fairly hideous pajama-like ensemble in front of strangers, I was thinking about what made me feel relaxed while I got my tests done the other day. If you can have a companion with you, obviously, that’s the best way to ease the nerves. Choose that friend wisely though. You know yourself, so do you want someone who makes you laugh? Do you want someone who will just listen? Do you want someone who provides thoughtful insights and lively debates? If you don’t have someone to go with you, what will distract you while you wait? For me, it was the Tina Fey book. For others, it could be sudoku or a movie on the iPad or an iPod full of music.
Last, but not least, think of something to do when you are done. Visualizing your exit helps to be optimistic. When I realized how close I was to some of the best museums in the world, I thought about going to one and walking around for a little bit before hopping on the train home. Unfortunately, by the time I got out, I had to make my way straight for the train as battletime… I mean, bedtime for the girls was fast approaching. But instead of hailing the first cab I saw, I enjoyed a stroll along Central Park and past the Guggenheim for 10 minutes. It was the fresh air, the city’s beautiful scenery, and all the little kids just getting out of school that cleared my head before I dashed back home to enjoy my own little ones in their much cuter jammies.
So to review and for easier planning:
– Bring something cozy to wrap around you
– Bring socks
– Bring food and drink
– Don’t wear jewelry or deodorant
– Bring a friend and/or distraction
– Plan something to look forward to …. like living a longer, fuller life.

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