It is so important to feel a part of a community. When you go through adversities in life, it is helpful to have the support of loved ones, people who want to be there for you, and people who have been in a similar place. One of the values I most hope to teach my daughters is the importance of giving back to your community. My parents instilled that in me from a very young age. It is my feeling that you must actively try to do what you can for a community that you identify with. Be it geographically, religiously, or based on some found common ground or value (all with good and peaceful intentions).
A friend of a friend who is becoming a friend (got that?) told me about Bright Pink. A non-profit focused on prevention and early-detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women while supporting high-risk individuals. Sounds like the perfect community for me to be a part of. I joined via email today. I’m not sure that there is a chapter where I live, but I hope there is. And if there isn’t, I’d be willing to start one. I’ve said it a lot here that I really want to spread awareness and help people protect themselves from breast and ovarian cancers like I’m trying to do for myself. I’m sure meeting other women who are in the same boat as I am will be wonderful too.
Although I can barely find the time to brush my hair or put makeup on (sorry to all of those who have to look at me daily), I’m itching to make a contribution in my community. I joined an organization years ago but dropped out after 3 years of service because I really didn’t see the goal being realized or a tangible difference being made in the local community, as promised. I met a lot of lovely women who I am still friendly with but I had to move on and use my time elsewhere. So I hope that I can find the right way to contribute to this new community of “previvors” (a cool moniker they’ve given themselves) and help grow this group at the same time. I also hope the time I spend volunteering will show my girls that I practice what I preach.

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