A Night Out

One of our best friends lives in Spain.  Whenever he comes home we make sure we have a babysitter for at least one night.  All of our high school friends come out of the woodwork to see him too.  It’s bizarre that most of us all live within an hour of each other, but never really go out en masse like this unless he is home.  So on Saturday night, 12 of us went to the local hibachi restaurant where I think we all had our birthdays from ages 7-15.  It’s a table that seats 8, but it was jam-packed with our rowdy crowd.  There were sake bombs, shrimp tossed into our mouths, and lots of laughter.  All in all, a great night out.
It was the first time we left both girls with a babysitter that wasn’t one of our parents (I’m a little neurotic when it comes to them… oh yes, we’ve established that).  I checked in with our babysitter twice and the second time she told me that both girls were up.  YIKES!  It was midnight, so we hightailed it out of the bar and raced home. 
Our babysitter gets a medal because when we got upstairs, the baby was laying in her crib guzzling the bottle the babysitter was giving her while she was holding our 30 pound two year old in her other arm.  To our surprise, there were no tears!!  Not even from the babysitter!  Even though, it wasn’t an ideal situation, she handled it like a pro and it gives me peace of mind that neither of my little ones seemed disturbed by their surprise visitor in the middle of the night. 
I have been stressing about how the nighttime will be while I’m in the hospital and my inability to help throughout my recovery.  After this weekend though, I’m definitely feeling better about that.  Not only can our amazing babysitter handle it, if necessary, but so can my girls.  I think we might need more practice though.  We’re just going to have to go out more often.  Sake bombs for everyone!

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