Our honeymoon was awesome.  We needed that downtime after our amazingly fun wedding.  The wedding planning and weekend debaucheries tuckered us out and got us ready for the nothing-to-do beach vacation.  Sure, I was so run-down that I had strep during the entire 2 week break, but that didn’t stop us from having the most relaxing, romantic trip ever.  We also took a “babymoon” before our first was born.  That was also a smart move.  Being a Mom is the hardest, most demanding job I’ve ever had.  It’s also the most rewarding, fun and worthwhile title I’ve ever held.
I saw a flier in the library today that was for a seminar called, “The Terrific Twos.” My friend said, “Who calls it that?”  That’s not how I’d put it either. It’s more like a rollercoaster of amazing moments of wonder as you watch your just-a-year-ago baby learn how to be their own independent individual with very specific likes, dislikes and multiple personalities.  Well, that mixed with ridiculous frustration when they (and you) grasp for the right way to handle any given scenario: how to use a toilet, how to solve a puzzle, how to express the endless frustrations. Maybe it should be “The Trying Twos.”  Terrible seems kind of mean as there are really awesome times.  However, after a few weeks of not having any help (due to circumstances beyond  my control: my mom, my mother-in-law and my babysitter were all away at the same time that my husband had to be at work until midnight almost every night), I’m ready to lose it.
So today, I had it all arranged so I could have an hour to myself to go out and basically walk around town and do nothing, maybe get a coffee?  So as I saw the white light of my exit shining brighter and brighter, my two year old threw a fit!  It was like we had gone backwards 9 months to when she went to her school for the first day without me.  The tears, the hysterics, the tantrums, oh my!  She isn’t used to me leaving her with anyone other than her daddy.  Ugh, I couldn’t do it.
It got me nervous (yet again) for when I leave for the surgery.  So now I know that I have to start preparing them for when I’m not around.  And what’s the best way for that to happen?  A BoobyMoon!!!!  I am going to plan a vacation, somewhere relaxing, gorgeous and complete with spa services.  A few months before I have the surgery, my husband and I will have to get away for at least a long weekend and let the girls stay with their grandparents.  Hopefully this will get them used to the idea of us being gone for a few days and give everyone a trial run.  And give me a much desired break!!!  I cannot wait!  It will be the last time the old ta-tas go to the beach.  Bon Voyage Boobies!!!

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