Yummy Dangers

My husband and older daughter are in the kitchen making pancakes right now.  He’s rarely seen dabbling in the culinary arts, but he makes the best pancakes (and he rocks french toast too).  Of course, our little chef wants to be involved.  So with Wonder Pets on in the background, they’re measuring and pouring.  While she loves being like “Ratatooty” (what she calls the little Disney rat who disgustingly takes over a French restaurant with his Epicurean prowess), she is really a musician at heart.  She has a guitar, a ukulele, a banjo and about 3 toy pianos. We’re trying to encourage her passion for music.  So as they’re cooking, I hear her making up a song (to the tune of the Wonder Pets theme song, if you know it): “Sour cream, sour cream, you’re on your way, to make the pancakes and save the day.”  Rock on!
Not only was it pretty friggin’ cute, but I LOVE sour cream.  It’s like she created a theme song just for me.  I eat a lot of baked potatoes.  I make a whole meal out of it.  There’s generally more sour cream and cheese than there is potato on my potato.  I am so proud of this moment in her musical life!
It reminded me, however, of a little tidbit my parents told me after their appointment with their endocrinologist this week.  She said that patients with insulin resistance (ie. diabetic or high glucose) and/or high fat diets or obesity are at greater risk for cancer. She believes that sugar and high fat diets are the environmental factors that can trigger cancer, especially the genetically based cancers.  According to my parents, she is a big researcher.  I, on the other hand, have not looked for studies to support this, but it does make sense.  There are lots of cookbooks out there for cancer patients with antioxidant-rich recipes for those trying to ward off cancer.  I don’t think any of them are high in fat or sugar. 
Of course, this weekend for Passover and Easter, I’ve made macaroons with sweetened condensed milk, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and baked french toast with cream.  I’m not really doing my part to protect our already genetically compromised family.  I guess we’ll start diet modification after this weekend.  Happy Holidays!

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