I love organization magazines. Buying them is a supermarket compulsion that is so hard for me to resist. I succumbed to the lure of mudroom organizing on the cover of the most recent issue I saw. I’m severely disappointed with my purchase. I know that peg boards are a great way to hang coats up and baskets are awesome for shoes. I need some better ideas because our baskets runneth over.
This is just one spot that desperately needs my organizing attention. Since I’ve become a mom of two, my prowess in this discipline has taken a backseat to, say, my sidewalk chalk artistic ability (which is getting better every day). When we had our destination wedding 5 years ago, I had clear storage containers full of wedding items for the venue to use. I had typed, detailed instructions (complete with photos) on how it should all be set up. They laughed at and applauded me at the same time.
Today I am shocked at how badly I’ve fallen off the organizational wagon. I’m feeling tremendous pressure to clean up my act (and my home) before I go into surgery. It will give me peace of mind to know that everything has a place and hopefully a spot that makes sense so no one has to wake me up to find something important. I think it will be easier for everyone if my girls things are in order; playroom games, diapers and wipes, clothing that actually fits. When I was getting my tests done the other day, my husband desperately searched for a jacket that fit our little one. It probably delayed their outing to the park by 15 minutes. Not a huge deal but every minute counts with these two.
Now, my hurdle is going to be finding the time to tackle each room. So my goal for myself is to tackle one room a week and thoroughly organize it. I’m giving myself roughly until the end of June to complete this task. Wish me luck!!

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