To Facebook or not to Facebook

Obviously the answer to that question is ‘to Facebook’. Welcome Facebook friends. I debated whether or not to post a link to this blog because I’m not really a status update kind of person. Yeah, I do it occasionally, but this is more than just a status update.
In person, I’m an open book and an occasional over-sharer. Not so much on Facebook, a platform with a much wider audience than my everyday crowd of mom friends (hey ladies!). However, I’m sharing this blog and my journey, because I want everyone to gain knowledge from my experience and is there a better place to start than with the friends I’ve made throughout my life? 
As I scanned my friend list looking for people that I might be a little uncomfortable sharing this with, I couldn’t find any.  I hope that none of you or anyone you love is positive for the breast cancer gene. I’m sharing my journey here, so that I may be able to encourage a friend or a friend’s relative or a friend of a friend to find out for themselves if they are at risk, if they are positive, and if they want to do something about it.
Alas, with a hint of sarcasm, a bit of profanity, and some first-hand knowledge, I hope this blog helps you or someone you know.  That includes you dudes out there, you’ve got boobs and genes too.  If you’re the least bit intrigued, please start here with my first post and then work your way forward to today: . If you like it, if you find it informational, if you just want to hear about boobs a lot, please enter your email and subscribe (you’ll only be emailed if I have posted a new entry).  Now, if you only want to read this post and never look back, no problem… I just leave you with this: take control of your breast health or the breasts of someone you love.  Ask someone to feel you up frequently (preferably a medical professional, but that’s your call, I won’t judge).

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