New bras

Today I bought new bras. Since I’m officially done breast feeding, my boobs are smaller and less full. The good part of that is the new bras look less like the granny bras my massive mams were suspended in before. I even had the option of a fancy blue and aqua colored lace contraption. I didn’t get it. I went with the more practical nudes. True to form, I’m more practical than pretty.
It occurred to me that these are probably the last bras I will buy for my current rack. I wonder what it will be like to wear bras post-surgery. I hadn’t exactly thought about the fact that I will be totally flat for a while.
I asked the manager of the store if they carried specialty bras for post-surgical patients. She has known my family for years and when I told her why I would need them she got a little misty-eyed. I always feel odd after I tell random people about this whole story. I never want them to feel pity or as if I’m telling them to get attention. That’s not the sort of attention I want. But I promised myself when I found out that I was positive that I wouldn’t keep this a secret. I want others to know so they know they have the option to protect themselves as well. As it turns out, her mother is about to be tested for the gene. She said she was nervous and doesn’t think she wants to know the results. She doesn’t want to get tested. For some, ignorance is bliss. It’s just not for me.

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