Good luck

What do you say when someone is about to have surgery? “Good luck” doesn’t seem to really cover it. You don’t exactly want to pour your heart out so the patient feels touched but scared that you feel the need. When I wrote a little note to my sister on the eve of her double mastectomy, I mixed positive thoughts with humor. She has the same sense of humor I do, so I figured this approach would work to lighten the load with laughter. Along with some encouraging words about the silver lining, I also wrote this:

I want to wish you good luck
As they take out the yuck.
You’ll feel light in the back,
And have a great rack.
Camisoles, sundresses and tops that are tubes,
Enjoy your beautiful, bouncy new boobs.

That seemed to cover it.

2 thoughts on “Good luck

  1. I was there when your sister read the little ditty you wrote and her whole body shook with laughter – the perfect anti-anxiety medicine for the mind as well as the body! And this was the night before her double mastectomy!

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